This tutorial shows you how to add a Standard 'Simple' Product (product without variations) to your website.

Video Tutorial:

Step Guide:

  1. Go to the 'Products' tab.
  2. Then go to 'Add Product'.
  3. Ensure to complete applicable fields. You will need to fill the product title & regular price.
  4. Under the 'Publish' box on the right panel; click onto the blue 'Publish' button to place the product live onto your website. You can also find scheduling options under this tab if you wish to place your product on another date/time.


  • If you would like to manage your product's stock quantity, ensure to fill out the 'Inventory' tab, which will include a 'Manage stock?' checkbox. Please then choose the 'Stock Qty' number, you have for the product. Without checking the 'Manage stock?' box, the product's stock will not be managed, and unlimited amounts of the product can be sold through your website.
  • To enhance the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on your product, choose a title with some keywords but ensure it is 'naturally written'. Stuffing the title with keywords or making the title too long, could harm your SEO.
  • Add 'Attributes' to your product, for example, Colour(s), Manufacturer/Brand, Sizes, and other applicable terms to help improve your e-commerce sites search box and enhance your site's navigation.
  • We highly recommend adding Product Categorie(s) to your product, to enhance your site useability and navigation.
  • We highly recommend you upload 1 main image under the 'Product image' tab on the right. You can also add additional images to your product gallery, under the 'Product Gallery' section on the right panel.