If you are looking to connect your website to the Woocommerce Mobile App, Android or IOS.

Step Guide:

  1. Please either download the Android or IOS Woocommerce App, which you can find in the official App Store. Please ensure you download the official one developed by Automattic.
  2. Click onto 'Enter your store address'.
  3. The app will ask you to enter the URL of your Woocommerce store, please enter your URL without www. or http:// as the app will automatically find this.
  4. You need to skip the Woocommerce.com login, please click onto the 'Continue with Store Credentials' option, near the bottom of the page.
  5. Please enter your website login, you use to enter your website (on /wp-admin/).
  6. You should now be successfully connected to the app (if not please see below).


  • If you are getting a Jetpack error, please Contact Ubie Support as may need to reestablish the connection.