Many companies now offer CSV files to upload to Woocommerce, which can save you time in inputting product and stock levels. These CSV files mainly come from product wholesales/suppliers.

Step Guide:

  1. Go to your website dashboard and click onto the 'Products' tab.
  2. On the screen that appears, click onto 'Import'.
  3. Click onto the 'Choose File' button and from your file manager, select your CSV sheet from your computer.
  4. If you want to update an existing product catalogue on your website, click onto the 'Update existing products' checkbox. This will update products with a similar SKU or Product ID; the information will then be updated.
  5. Under the 'Advanced' options tab, a custom CSV Delimatoer can be inputted (if this option applies to you, if not skip it).
  6. Under the 'Advanced' tab if you have recently uploaded a CSV file to your website and would like to use the same column mapping to save time (on the next step), please check the box. Leave unchecked, if this does not apply to you.
  7. On the next step in the mapping of the columns on your CSV file. If your CSV file is Woocommerce compatible, it should try and find mapping information automatically. Please check through each option to ensure it has been mapped to the correct column on your spreadsheet. You can use the drop-down box to change the field if it is incorrectly mapped or has not been mapped automatically.
  8. Lastly, run the importer and wait for the import to finish. Please then ensure to check your product catalogue to ensure it has imported the products, as you intended.


  • Please ensure that the CSV Product file is 'Woocommerce' compatible. Some have not been set up to work with Wocoomerce directly. Alternatively, you can try and map the fields manually to get the CSV file to import. However, there might be missing fields in the CSV file, that could end up missing on your products when they go live. Please ensure you check your products over, especially if your upload a CSV file with manual mapping.
  • If your CSV file is taking a long time to import, this is usually down to the CSV file importing images from a server. If you are updating an existing product catalogue and not washing to change the images on your products, it may be best removing this column (as this column can cause excessive loading times to import often large file sized images).
  • If you continue to experience issues with uploading a CSV product/stock import file to your website. Feel free to Contact Ubie Support. However, we cannot guarantee we will successfully upload your file, as these CSV files are all different. In some cases, they can have compatibility issues if they are not set up correctly for Woocommerce.