If you have a product category going to a product instead, the most likely reason for this is your product category or sub-category has the same URL slug or permalink as a product.

Please follow the 'Step Guide' below to solve your issue.  

Step Guide

  1. Go to the affected URL on your website that directs you to a product rather than the product category. Take a note of the product that you get directed to.  
  2. Login to the backend of your website and go to the 'Products' tab. 
  3. Search for the product you noted on Step 1 on the backend of the website. Please then go into the 'edit' section for the product. 
  4. Underneath the main title, you will see your URL slug. There is a small 'edit' button on the URL structure. Please change this slug and then ensure to update the changes to the product.

If the issue still occurs, you may need to access the 'redirect' plugin on your website and remove the automatic redirect the plugin might create when you change the URL slug on the product. Please contact support@ubie.co.uk if you do not have access to this. 


What a Slug?: A URL Slug is the name of your URL after the forward-lash '/'.